Maria Hilfe

Holiday park Bavarian Forest is located 700 meters above the Danube valley, from where you can see the Alps and enjoy the panoramic views. From the park you can walk directly into the beautiful woods.

The area offers an unprecedented number of opportunities for family outings. For example, a visit to the Czech city Cesky Krumlov (World Heritage) is certainly recommended. However, also the Austrian cities Linz, Salzburg and Vienna are beautiful destinations for a day out.

The park is part of the classic Bavarian village Gottsdorf with its beautiful ‘James’ Church’. Slightly further away you can find the villages Untergriesbach and Wegscheid, ideal for a day of shopping.

The famous Baroque city of Passau with its magnificent cathedral is located 35 km from the park. The cathedral offers every day at 12:00 pm the possibility of listening to an organ concert. You can also discover the city from a boat on the Danube river.

Other destinations include the Baroque town Schärding in Austria or the impressive Mauthausen concentration camp. It is also possible to visit the monastery of Stift in Engelhartzell (a group minimum of 10 participants + reservation required) as well as Kraftwerk Jochenstein.

On arrival at the park you will receive an information booklet in which the numerous opportunities for excursions are listed!


In South East Bavaria are two Jacob roads that join at Rosenheim. They have fully marked signage as part of the European Way of St. Jacob.

The “St. James Bohemia – Bayern – Tirol leads from Czech Krumau in south-western direction towards Breitenbach Tyrol, where one can pass Rosenheim on either the eastern or western side, or choose for the Voralpinen St. James in Berbling.

The St. James Voralpine is ca. 260 km, the St. James Bohemia – Bayern – Tyrol approximately 450 km.

The Pfarrei St. James in Gottsdorf belongs to the St. James Road.






Mariendom (Nieuwe Dom)

The Culture Capital of Europe 2009 is a real unicum:

Linz includes Europe’s most modern music theatre and has a vital contemporary cultural scene. Economically, it is a successful city with a flourishing trade sector and the presence of major global companies.
The city has a well-preserved historic centre and has, earlier than many other cities, made the transition towards a greener future. The people of Linz prefer to look ahead and find the joy of living in the here and now.

Let yourself be inspired by Linz.